About Konark

Located on the sea-shore at a distance of 33 kms from Puri and about 64 kms from Bhubaneswar, Konark india is also known as Konaditya. The name Konark has been derived from the words Kona and Arka, Kona meaning corner and Arka meaning the sun. Konark Travel & Tourism provides complete guidance about tourist attractions of Konark.
Konark is one of the most famous tourist destinations in India from the spiritual standpoint and boasts of one of the best known architectural specimen. Konark is known for Sun temple which was dedicated to the Sun God by Samba, Lord Krishna's son who was cured of leprosy by the god. The temple has been designed in the form of a chariot, pulled by 7 horses carrying the Sun god. This chariot stands on 24 wheels, each wheel having a diameter of about 10 meter. Attached with a set of spokes, the wheels have excellent carvings. The main attraction of this temple is the idol of Jagmohana that showcases the brilliance of the contemporary architects of those days. Built in the year 1278 by Ganga King Narasimha Deva, the temple is referred as the Black Pagoda.