About Chandrabhaga Beach

Chandrabhaga Beach is situated in the coastal village of Chandrabhaga in Puri District of Orissa. It is situated on the Bay of Bengal, at a distance of 3 km from the World Heritage Site of the Sun Temple of Konark. Considered among the finest beaches along the eastern coast of India, Chandrabhaga Beach is popular among solitude seekers and pilgrims.

Chandrabhaga Beach derived its name from the sacred River Chandrabhaga, which once flowed through the precincts of the Sun Temple of Konark, towards the Bay of Bengal. Chandrabhaga Beach used to be the river mouth of River Chandrabhaga in the past. Though River Chandrabhaga is reduced in its volume today, it retains its mythological value and holiness.

According to a legend, Chandrabhaga, the daughter of a sage, killed herself by drowning in the river to protect her chastity from Surya, the Sun God. It is believed that Lord Surya, in repentance, blessed the river with medicinal properties and named it as 'Chandrabhaga'. It is believed that a dip in River Chandrabhaga can cure leprosy. Prince Shambha, the son of Lord Krishna, was cured of leprosy by Lord Surya on the river mouth of Chandrabhaga.