My village, Jamara @ Kharipada, is a very beautiful village, located near to the bay of Bengal and surrounded by jungle. When w think about my village, it gives an internal happiness and proud. Our village is located near to sun temple Konark, which is a world famous heritage. The village is will connected to Bhubaneswar(65 km) , Puri( 37 km). Konark is famous tourist place for its Sun temple, which is known as Black Pagoda also. Puri just 37 km from our village, which is one of the famous pilgrimage place for Hindus and a see beach for tourists.

The village is around 300 members. There is social harmony among all villagers. All villagers stay in peace and love each other. Elders give guidance to young , and children goes school with big dream in eye. Many person from the village achieved success in there life and settled in various cities in the India and world.

All religious and local festivals celebrate in village will happiness. Cultivation is major source of income today for many villagers. We are blessed with natural resources for our leaving hood. As many people get a good income from Cashew nut cultivation, Cocoanut, see food. The local forest , helps with raw material for cooking . and see gives a lot to us. one side of the village is blessed with forest and one side with farm land. It is really a blessing for me to be apart of that village.

The village deity , Maa Dulla Dei is the center of faith among villagers, maximum villagers do pray her every day. And it is a ritual that ladies from village go to her place in evening for payer.